Temperature Monitoring Shouldn’t be a Chore for the User

Temperature Monitoring Shouldn’t be a Chore for the User

Escort™ branded data loggers have a reputation for very high quality monitoring devices. Products like the flagship Intelligent Mini™ and the iLog™ monitor shipments of fresh produce from all four corners of the globe, giving users needed supply chain visibility. 

In response to customer demand, Escort loggers now provide a new level of functionality. The latest generation product, the iMini USB™  incorporates more user flexibility and wider temperature ranges as well as a new-look software interface. “We believe that temperature monitoring, whilst necessary, shouldn’t be a chore for the user. So we decided to create a logger which is supplied ready to use and programmed to the customers requirements,” says Tom Harrington, Sales and Distribution Manager. 

The new Escort iMini USB logger requires no software at all in order to view the data it collects. When you receive an iMini USB in a shipment all you need to do is remove the logger from its protective pouch, and insert it directly into your laptop or PC. The data is viewable in PDF format and the detailed report includes a summary, temperature graph, statistics and an out of specification report which details time spent over or under pre-defined temperature limits. 

Cryopak, the parent company of Escort’s data logger products, also designs and manufactures complete cold chain packaging solutions and is specialised in the field of temperature controlled packaging. The company's materials and processes cover the full spectrum from fabricating insulated boxes or cool refrigerants to manufacturing phase change materials. Ursula Amat, Sales & Marketing Manager for Cryopak Europe, says “What we have created is a complete range of packaging and, along with other business units within Cryopak, we can offer a full supply chain solution for our customers.” 

In an effort to realize Cryopak’s goal of servicing the cold chain industry they have launched the Cryopak Testing Center. These testing services evaluate the strength and integrity characteristics of a packaging system.  Yaser Eisa, Sales Engineer at Cryopak in New Jersy, explains more: “The ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects on a package are simulated using the anticipated distribution and storage conditions the system may undergo. This combination of simulation and evaluation is used by packaging professionals to validate package compliance with ASTM, ISO, ISTA and other accepted industry standards”