Cryopak has the Expertise to Offer Thermal Mapping for Cold Chain Storage Areas

Cryopak has the Expertise to Offer Thermal Mapping for Cold Chain Storage Areas

EDISON, NJ – August 14, 2013 --  Cryopak, known for their excellence in cold chain packaging, has expanded their services and is now capable of conducting thermal mapping for storage areas including warehouses, refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms, trailers and containers.  These services are conducted by the Cryopak Verification Technologies (CVT) business unit. CVT’s thermal mapping services will provide a detailed map of temperature differences tested against multiple profiles and humidity ranges.


In November of 2005 the U.S. Pharmacopeia Published “1079 - Good Storage and Shipping Practices” which played an important role in providing detailed requirements for the thermal mapping of  trailers and containers.


“The reason for thermal mapping is to prove you have control of your trailers, warehouses and other containers,” William Hingle, Marketing Director, said.  “Our services will help our customers identify potential problems as well as identifying specific conditions and variations across the unit being mapped.”


CVT is implementing teams at six TCP company facilities across the US and Canada.  These sites include Fountain Valley CA, Edison NJ, Minneapolis MN and Buchanan VA, and two sites in Canada: Montreal and Vancouver.  CVT has dedicated teams in place at all six sites to install the data recorders on site.


“The unique aspect that Cryopak Verification Technologies is able to offer is the localization of sites that can install and conduct these services,” Pat Nolan, VP of Business Development said.  “This is a huge benefit to the client as they will have more options for where the installation can take place.”


CVT is offering three options for the implementation and installation of the data recorder.  The first is the option for the customer to visit one of CVT’s 6 sites.  The second option is for CVT to send a service technician to the customer’s site to perform the installation of the data recorders. The third option is for the customer to install the data recorders themselves.


In all cases CVT collects the results and works one on one with the customer to publish the report and to develop and implement recommendations for reduction of variability if problem areas are identified.


“The strategic decision to implement these services came with the expertise that we have in our staff, most of which have been in the thermal mapping and verification services for over 20 years,” Nolan said.  “We are very excited about the opportunity to continue to expand our services in an effort to better service our customers."