Cold Chain Mapping Tip #8 - Map Dead Areas

Cold Chain Mapping Tip #8 - Map Dead Areas

Cryopak Verification Technologies Offers Tips to Remember when Mapping Storage Areas for the Cold Chain!


On Friday Cryopak posted the 7th tip in Mapping Storage Areas for Cold Chain.


Tip 7 - When the Seasons Change, Re-map


Today, we're posting tip #8!


Tip 8 - Map Dead Areas

This is especially important when storing or transporting items such as medicines or food. Dead areas are areas with relatively low air circulation such as corners or lower shelves. Before doing a mapping, we work with the layout of the customer, to cover each space. Even the dock is important. As soon as you have a pallet on the floor, even for a couple of hours, it is considered as storage and has to be mapped and monitored! Think of your quarantine area, dock where pallet could be placed waiting to be loaded in a trailer, high racking…

Check Cryopak's blog on Wednesday, August 14 for Tip #8!