Cold Chain Mapping Tip #5 - Don't Assume the Temperature

Cold Chain Mapping Tip #5 - Don't Assume the Temperature

Cryopak Verification Technologies Offers Tips to Remember when Mapping Storage Areas for the Cold Chain!


On Friday Cryopak posted the fourth tip in Mapping Storage Areas for Cold Chain.


Tip 4- Map After a Power Down Impact


Today, we're posting tip #5!


Tip 5 - Don't Assume the Temperature


You may have mapped an area dozens of times and could pretty much guess what the temperature is in that particular area. No matter how many times you've mapped an area, never "guess" the temp. Check it! A 2 degree difference can cause food to spoil, medicine to become unstable and perishable loads to become completely unusable. Usually the company should have stating in their own policies, how often they have to remap their warehouse (it is common to remap every 3 or 5 years). You have to remap if there is a major change (HVAC system), an extension of the area…For a trailer, if a major component is changed such as the reefer you need to re-qualify it (or through a change control) and remap it.


Check back on Wednesday, August 7 for Tip #6!